Wondering About Mario

Image: Nintendo
Image: Nintendo

Get the word out, y’all! The new Mario game just dropped, and it is (pun intended) Wonder-ful. 

In this new adventure, Super Mario Bros. Wonder for Nintendo Switch, Mario and the gang are leaving the Mushroom Kingdom for the brand new Flower Kingdom. 

Greeted by Prince Florian and the Poplins, the party is crashed by Bowser. Using the magical power of the Wonder Flower, Bowser fuses with the prince’s castle.

Mario is not alone. Accompanied by Luigi, Princesses Peach and Daisy, as well as the Toads, their cooperative power is off the charts. 

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If players  are looking for an easier experience, the game offers four colorful Yoshi, as well as Nabbit the mischievous rabbit. These characters effectively act as an “easy mode” for the game, making the player  invulnerable to enemies.

Image: Nintendo


The Fire Flower is back and just like I remember it. Throw fireballs at enemies to defeat them quickly.

The Drill Mushroom is a new powerup that allows  characters  to tunnel into the earth and  dodge enemies or use a newly sharp head to spear opponents with ease.

The Bubble Flower is an original powerup that enables  players  to blow bubbles that can be jumped on, and  if players  are feeling destructive, these bubbles defeat most enemies in one single blow.

The brand new original powerup of this  game, the Elephant Fruit, is an extremely versatile boost to offensive play. A larger body allows players  to hit more with the  trunk at the cost of more opportunities to be hit themselves.

Wonder also has smaller boosts in the form of badges. Players  can use one badge at a time to do anything from having a parachute for gliding to becoming invisible. There are 24 badges to collect and experiment with, so the possibilities are massive.

The namesake of the game and the most unique feature to date is the Wonder Flower. 

In every stage, a Wonder Flower can be found. Activating it will turn the course topsy turvy in any number of ways – from becoming an enemy to answering trivia, there seems  no limit to what could unfold.

Despite being a relatively simple experience, Wonder  boasts some real challenges that gave me quite a run for my coins. Not every level is a cake walk to the goalpost. Each world has its own unique challenge to take on. 

Eagle-eyed players will discover a secret special world containing the ultimate gauntlet of challenges pushing players to the edge. Conquer it and you will receive a reward of unspeakable value.

Image: Nintendo


The newest entry for the Mario series boasts a new threshold for art direction. Where the previous new Super Mario Bros. series felt dry in art direction, Wonder looks straight out of a canvas painting. Every nook and cranny is filled with attention to detail. All in all, this game serves as a fun time for any who wish to Wonder.

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