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Infographic by Wyatt Lefler and Anna Peterson

Papio South pitches in to help Elkhorn Tornado recovery

Mia Holmes, Staff Reporter May 21, 2024

The tornadoes that went through Elkhorn on April 24th, affected over 80 families in that area. Families in the Elkhorn Public Schools district lost homes and belongings. The things that our community has...

Purple Star points to unique student needs

Purple Star points to unique student needs

Since 2017, The Purple Star School Committee has been trying to help military students adapt during their moves. Papillion LaVista South hopes to integrate more resources and systems to help accommodate...

As school year ends, a new pass system starts

As school year ends, a new pass system starts

Assistant Principal Brent Gehring unveiled plans for a new online pass system at Papio South, joining a national trend that aims to enhance safety and streamline processes within educational institutions....

(This photo shows a version of the 2020 election votes by electoral district not winner takes all. Credit: 270 To Win.)

State sticks with its Electoral oddity

Sullivan Bunyan, Staff Reporter May 8, 2024

     Anticipating a tight 2024 presidential race, the Nebraska Legislature debated eliminating its unusual way of assigning electoral votes. Nebraska is one of two states – Maine being the other –...

Inflation hikes Prom price

Inflation hikes Prom price

Tony McGill, Co-Editor-in-Chief May 6, 2024

Students saw an increase in the price of Prom tickets this year, going up to $30 from last year’s price of $20, as well as Post-Prom tickets rising from $10 last year to $15 this year. Additionally,...


Mission opens doors to Senior Day of Service

Kaylie McNeill, Staff Reporter April 11, 2024

The graduating class of 2024 set a record high number of 124 volunteers for this year’s Senior Day of Service, an optional event during the school’s ACT testing day during which seniors have the...

Infographic on period insecurity facts (Gigi Sedlacek)

Schools seek to pad period insecurity

Gigi Sedlacek, Co-Editor-in-Chief April 10, 2024

The only place outside of the nurse’s office that emergency feminine hygiene products can dependably be found at Papio South is inside the restroom closest to the library in Hallway D. Dr. Cynthia Stogdill,...

Rotc Cadets holding the American, and Navy flags

Drone team ready to launch

Cale Murphy, Staff Reporter March 8, 2024

ROTC is starting a new drone team for students.      The team has the aim of competing with other schools by running drones through an obstacle course within a time limit. It also is a chance to get...

PLV Media: Field upgrades for PLC high schools

Nathaniel Sizer, PLV Media producer February 28, 2024

The Papillion La-Vista South Baseball fields are getting some much needed upgrades this spring. Find out how the new construction will affect the baseball players and spectators. A PLV Media production....

AP wins out over honors

AP wins out over honors

Tony McGill, Co-Editor-in-Chief February 28, 2024

Papillion La Vista Community Schools believes that AP options are more beneficial to students than honors, so social studies and English honors classes that have similar AP alternatives at the same grade...

Tribute to Diana Connolly inside the tea shop

Beloved tea shop rallies community support

Gigi Sedlacek, Co-Editor-in-Chief December 13, 2023

Diana’s Tea Shop & Room, a locally owned business in downtown Papillion, made a public plea on October 28th via Facebook after a decrease in product and people put the shop in danger of closing....

Students for Christ currently advertises on the schools community board in the main office. The group would need a staff sponsor in order to advertise elsewhere in the school.

Student group makes case for advertising

Tony McGill, Co-Editor-in-Chief December 8, 2023

Papio South is home to 46 school-sanctioned clubs, according to the school website. Not among those is Students For Christ, or SFC, a student-run Bible study group of approximately 30 students that was...

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